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Located approximately 45km from the Brasilia Plano Piloto bus station, in the Administrative Region of Brazlândia, the green belt of the Brazilian Federal District, Terraviva Ecological Park was founded in 2000 with the purpose of stimulating a culture of environmental preservation, as well as proposing moments of healthy and simple life even living in the rush of today's society.

As a space for integration and balance of body, mind and spirit, Terraviva Ecological Park offers 21 suites, with double and single beds, and can be adjusted according to the needs of the guest. In addition to swimming pool, kids playground, squares, little lakes, yoga room, events room, lactovegetarian restaurant, pizzeria, living area and a large leisure area with lots of green for being enjoyed.



Ecotourism day use

The park has 12 waterfalls, some of them up to 30m high, in addition to it, the visitor can enjoy crystalline blue water wells, canyons and trails running through the Brazilian Cerrado. The walks to the waterfalls include two modalities of trails: the first has 7.5 km that passes through 8 waterfalls besides the Poço Azul (Blue Well). The another one is shorter with 1,5 km, and it's recommended for children and elderly people. Both are made with the support of tourist guides.

Our Philosophy

In order to propose a light and healthy lifestyle, the philosophy Ananda Marga was implemented in the Park, which has as some of its principles, the habit of practicing yoga and meditation. As well as lactovegetarian food style, using organic and integral products that are planted and grown within the park's property, free from any pesticide or chemical substances. Our Park is certified with Brazilian Organic Product and IBD certificates, recognized in whole national territory.

Social responsability

In order to make difference inside the community which it's inserted, Terraviva Ecological Park is also the main sponsor of a elementary school that serves children from the Region of Brazlândia, contributing to their education as individuals and maintaining the commitment to education in Brazil.

You can enjoy the beauties and the singularity of our

Ecological Park buying one of the packages below:




This package includes trails to the waterfalls of the park, with tour guide and lunch. Stay is from

08am to 05pm.

R$ 100

brazilian reais per person




Este pacote inclui trilhas às cachoeiras do parque, guia turístico, jantar, café-da-manhã, almoço e pernoite. Estadia das 17h até às 17h do dia seguinte.

R$ 220

brazilian reais per person

We do not accept credit or debit cards, only bank deposit. For a better service, please

make a call for scheduling. We only guarantee the reservation upon payment of 50%.

In case of change in the scheduled date, check the availability of a new date.

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